Spaced REPETITION is The First law of learning

I BECOME what I think about
The Me I SEE, The Me I will be
I THINK, therefore I am, I do

I think, I feel, I act to GET RESULTS
The more I ACT, the more I GET
The more I GIVE, the more I GET

What I GIVE OUT is what I GET BACK
Life is like an ECHO
When I SHOUT, it YELLS BACK at me

Life is like a BOOMERANG
When I THROW it out, it keeps COMING BACK

What I CHOOSE in my life is what I GET

I think positive, I become POSITIVE
I think negative, I become NEGATIVE
I think big, I become BIG
I think small, I become SMALL
I think I can, I CAN
I think I can not, I CAN NOT

I get what I’m LOOKING FOR
I FOUND the 10 acre lot,
BECAUSE I was LOOKING FOR the 10 acre lot

I think of HATE, I become HATEFUL
I think of REVENGE, I become REVENGEFUL
I think of FEAR, I become FEARFUL
I think of LOVE, I become LOVABLE
I think of RESPECT, I become RESPECTFUL
I think of HUMBLENESS, I become HUMBLE

Yes, I BECOME what I think about
As I THINK in my heart, so am I
What I can HOLD it in my HEART
I can HAVE it in my HANDS

I MOVE in the direction of my thoughts
I am the SUM total of my THOUGHTS

HARD time or EASY time,
GOOD time or BAD time..It’s up to me
If I want to be FREE, It’s got to be ME

LIVE each day as if your life had JUST BEGUN
When we are unable to find TRANQUILITY
within our selves,
it is USELESS to seek it elsewhere.

The VISION that I glorify in my mind…
The IDEA that I enthrone in my heart
This I will BUILD in my life,
and this I will BECOME

I must have the VISION to see my POTENTIAL
And FAITH to believe what I see
The COURAGE to act with Conviction,
To BECOME what GOD meant me TO BE

As I ADVANCE confidently
in the direction of my DREAMS
and endeavor to LIVE I have imagined,
SUCCESS will come unexpectedly
in common hours

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